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Creator/Uploader - al167
Posted - Jan 1 2013
Game - Reflex
Category - FreeRide
Physics - Stock
Name - 2013 ANAHIEM SX RD 1
Description - made from the track map from before the race.
the lighting has been modified to give it a brighter, under the lights supercross feel
let me know what you think.
beta slot 6

Custom track installation instructions:
Step 1
You need to Download the beta file slots From the forums at or this is the direct link:
Step 2:
Extract the file you downloaded in step 1 using a program like winrar and put it into the database file in your reflex game folder:
should be able to find it here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\mx vs atv reflex\Database
You should now see the 8 beta slots in game, in freeride!

Note: if you try and open the reflex beta slots without a track it won’t work. (in other words you need to download a track from mvamaniacs first!).
Step 3:

Download the track and extract the file using winrar.
There should be 4 files. You need to put these files into the database folder, just like you did with the twisted dirt beta slots.

each track is allocated to a slot so you can have up to 8 custom tracks at once.

>>> Download <<<
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Member comments

Hey Al, are you a member of the steam reflex group ?
If so ill give you admin rights so you can advertise your tracks on steam in a announcment... so everyone will know when you create one.
Jan 1 2013
Awesome track dude love it. Just did about 50 laps on it really really enjoy it and all your tracks.
Thanks for continuing to make tracks looking forward to more!
Jan 1 2013
thx man, love it!!! please bring it more... can't wait for Laurie to make splines possible...Jan 2 2013
Its going to be a Great year for Reflex / PC...Great job on this project all67...thanks for all you do for MxManiacs...We need more members like you to keep this game going...oops..Spell Check for Anaheim.. :]Jan 2 2013
love the track is it design for 60 fps and do you all play in 60fps?Jan 3 2013
tthanks ATA_Extreme. i was a member, but i didnt really go there, ill check in there more frequently now!

hanks guys for the posative feedback!, id like some more feedback on how the lighting looks ingame for you guys(does it look like the vid in the description?)
are you finally coming roung to reflex fallguy 104!! it will be good to see you maybe making some tracks!
keysor- this track is a 1024 x 1024 size map. it should run at a higher frame rate than say uluru or mec cup wich are 2048x2048 sized maps. fps is mainly determined by your graphics card. with my setup i run at 120fps. however with reflex, online is capped at 30fps. there is a 60fps patch on this website somewhere and i highly recomend it. it really smooths out online play.
Jan 3 2013
this track runs in my pc at an average 90fps all maxed out, your other tracks runs around 50 fps... i disagree, this game dont depend much on the graphics, it depends mostly at cpu performance... about the graphics, textures colours and lightning in here it looks almost identical to the video!

track its great and beautifull, just wish it dont deforms so fast on corners!!
Jan 3 2013
the track is really awesome! after doing some laps and playing around with my bike setup i could jump some huge and much different lines. the models and the stadium do look very well too. i would give this track 11/10!
hope you will keep doing more tracks for reflex.
Jan 3 2013
really nice work! this track runs playable on my shitty laptop and your vegas track not, I'm happy that I can atleast play this one, it's really awesome :)Jan 4 2013
Hi all67 thinks for the reply. I have got the 60 fps patch which make the game look and play so much better (ruts & berms) but playing multiplay with friends 4 of us within 5 minutes the track is rutted on the face of the jumps are sending you to high. Is it possible to make the tracks a little more hard pack just the face of the jumps? Have you got a web site or something to keep up with your work and comments. Jan 4 2013
i was riding with a few friends and i agree that the deformation is too much and needs some work. ill fix it when it gets re- released with splinesJan 4 2013
Keysor- i dont have a website, but i frequently post in the forums at twisted dirt. you can also subscribe to my youtube channel.(see vid in description). sometimes i have pre- release vids of tracks im working on.Jan 5 2013
could be a reason for a MvA comeback! :D great work!Jan 5 2013
ghetto jette
Just amazing please keep it up!Jan 6 2013
tnx mch for such a awesome track!
Jan 7 2013
Trying to do that triple like Villopoto, haha. Alot of fun Al and a beautiful replica. Great work dude!Jan 11 2013
sweet track !! i just crossed ova to reflex on pc , anyone making skins (gear , bikes) yet?Jan 11 2013
@SHAYNENO99- custom skins/ bikes where being worked on, but im not shure how the TWisted dirt guys are going with it. at the moment splines are being worked on so that the tracks can be raced on.
@Andy_Hack- reflex is still a great game and when these are raceable im shure mva will make a comeback!!.
ive seen you at the mx sim forums(ive been sifting through those forums) and im into mx sim real bad too(maybe more than reflex!) just learning track creation at the moment for sim, nearly finished my first sim track...but dont worry ill still make reflex tracks :-)
Jan 13 2013
This track is fantastic, you should keep this up and do one like the track at Pheonix. that would be sweetJan 14 2013
awesome track, 5 stars.....idk what you did but this plays way smoother than all the other tracks, i didnt notice any kind of lag (for my laptop at least) and seems like theres more tractionFeb 5 2013
How can u place objects on the track?
Can u give me a forum link for that?

Nice Work keep it up.
Feb 11 2013
@mich42pro- you will need the latest version of Digital Earthworks to place models. heres the link
you will need to register to the twisted dirt forums to view it.
also if you need a hand with track building, posting on the forums at twisted dirt is your best bet as theres several people there(including myself) that are happy to help!
Feb 17 2013
Hey guys.... can you please help me...i already followed the installation instruction and i can see the 8 beta slots in the game, i also downloaded the track and placed into the data base folder, but when i opened the game, and tried to click to 1 of the beta slot,,, "mx vs atv stopped working" would appear and would automatically exit from the game...what should i do? tnx...Mar 16 2014